JET JTM-1050EVS/230 Mill with 3-Axis Newall DP700 DRO (Knee) with X & Z-Axis Powerfeeds 690223


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Price: $23,959.00

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  • High Precision: The Newall DP700 DRO system offers excellent accuracy, ensuring precise measurements and reducing errors in machining operations.
  • Versatility: Capable of handling a variety of materials including metals, plastics, and composites, making it suitable for diverse applications.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly controls and an intuitive DRO system make it accessible even to operators with limited experience.
  • Durability: Constructed with Meehanite cast iron, providing stability and longevity, minimizing vibrations and wear over time.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Powerfeeds on the X and Z axes automate movements, reducing manual effort and increasing the efficiency and quality of machining tasks.


  • High Initial Cost: The advanced features and robust construction come with a high price tag, which may be a significant investment for small workshops.
  • Space Requirement: The machine's large size and substantial table travel distances require a considerable amount of workshop space, which may not be feasible for all users.

JET JTM-1050EVS/230 Mill with 3-Axis Newall DP700 DRO (Knee) with X & Z-Axis Powerfeeds Product Review

The JET JTM-1050EVS/230 Mill stands as a testament to the blend of innovation and practicality in the realm of milling machines. As a vital piece of equipment for both professionals and enthusiasts, this machine offers a remarkable array of features designed to enhance precision, efficiency, and user comfort.

Detailed Specifications and Features

3-Axis Newall DP700 DRO (Knee)

The Newall DP700 DRO system is a game-changer in terms of precision. The system’s intuitive interface and high-resolution display make it simple to read and interpret measurements, ensuring that each cut is accurate. The DP700's reliability and resistance to dust, coolant, and other workshop contaminants make it suitable for even the harshest working environments.

X & Z-Axis Powerfeeds

The powerfeeds on the X and Z axes not only automate the table movement but also provide consistency and precision that manual feeding cannot match. These powerfeeds significantly reduce the physical strain on the operator, allowing for prolonged operation without fatigue. The automation also minimizes human error, leading to higher quality finishes.

Electronic Variable Speed (EVS)

The EVS system is a standout feature, offering a wide range of spindle speeds that can be adjusted with ease. This flexibility allows the operator to adapt the machine to different materials and cutting conditions on the fly, improving efficiency and extending the life of cutting tools.

Rigid Meehanite Cast Iron Construction

The column and base made of Meehanite cast iron provide exceptional rigidity and stability. This construction significantly reduces vibrations, ensuring smooth operation and accurate results. The material’s inherent strength also ensures longevity, making the machine a durable investment.

Safety Features

The machine’s design includes critical safety features such as an emergency stop button and a spindle brake. These features are essential for preventing accidents and ensuring that the operator can quickly halt operations if necessary.

Generous Table Size and Travel

With a table measuring 10" x 50" and substantial travel distances of 35" (X), 15" (Y), and 16.5" (Z), the JTM-1050EVS/230 offers ample working space for various milling tasks. This large working area is particularly beneficial for handling larger workpieces and complex setups.

Additional Benefits

Precision and Efficiency

The combination of the Newall DP700 DRO and the powerfeeds enables the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 690223 to deliver unmatched precision and efficiency. The DRO provides real-time feedback, helping operators make minute adjustments for optimal results. This capability is especially useful in applications requiring high precision, such as aerospace components and medical devices.

Versatile Applications

This milling machine is versatile enough to handle a wide range of materials, including hard metals, soft alloys, plastics, and composites. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various industries, from automotive to aerospace, and from metalworking to manufacturing.

Ease of Use

Despite its advanced features, the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 is user-friendly. The DRO system and powerfeeds simplify complex operations, making it accessible even to those who may be new to milling. The clear displays and straightforward controls reduce the learning curve, allowing operators to become proficient quickly.

Durability and Low Maintenance

The robust construction and high-quality components ensure that the machine requires minimal maintenance. The reliability of the Newall DP700 DRO, in particular, reduces downtime and maintenance costs, making the machine a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Enhanced Productivity

The machine’s features collectively enhance productivity. The powerfeeds allow for continuous operation, reducing the time required for manual adjustments. The EVS system ensures optimal cutting conditions for different materials, speeding up the milling process and improving overall throughput.

Practical Use Cases

Prototyping and Small Batch Production

For companies involved in prototyping and small batch production, the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 3-Axis Newall DP700 DRO (Knee) is an invaluable tool. Its precision and flexibility allow for the creation of accurate prototypes and short-run production parts, facilitating the development of new products.

Custom Metalwork

Artisans and custom metalworkers will find the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 to be an excellent choice for creating bespoke pieces. Whether it’s custom parts for vintage cars or unique metal sculptures, this machine provides the capabilities needed to achieve high-quality results.

Educational Settings

In technical schools and universities, the JTM-1050EVS/230 serves as an excellent teaching tool. Its advanced yet accessible features make it ideal for training the next generation of machinists, providing hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment.

Maintenance and Repair Operations

Maintenance and repair shops benefit greatly from the precision and reliability of this milling machine. The ability to replicate parts accurately and perform detailed repairs ensures that machinery and equipment can be kept in optimal condition.

Medium-Sized Manufacturing

For medium-sized manufacturing operations, the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 offers a balance of performance and cost-efficiency. It can handle the demands of production while maintaining consistent quality, making it a valuable asset for growing businesses.

Personal Perspective

Having personally used the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 Mill, I can attest to its exceptional capabilities. The first thing that stands out is the DRO system. The Newall DP700 is incredibly accurate and user-friendly, making it easy to perform precise measurements and adjustments. The display is clear, and the controls are intuitive, which significantly reduces the time spent on setup and calibration.

The powerfeeds on the X and Z axes are another feature that has greatly improved my workflow. These powerfeeds provide a smooth and consistent feed rate, which is crucial for achieving high-quality finishes. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in operator fatigue, especially during long milling sessions. The ability to automate these movements also means I can focus more on monitoring the machining process and making necessary adjustments in real-time.

The variable speed control is a feature I’ve come to appreciate more with each use. Being able to adjust the spindle speed on the fly allows me to adapt to different materials and cutting conditions without having to stop and change gears manually. This not only saves time but also extends the life of my cutting tools by ensuring they are always operating at optimal speeds.

In terms of construction, the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 is built like a tank. The Meehanite cast iron provides a stable and vibration-free platform, which is essential for maintaining precision. Even when working with tougher materials, the machine remains steady, and there’s no noticeable deflection or chatter.

Safety is always a priority in the workshop, and the emergency stop button and spindle brake provide an added layer of security. These features are easy to access and operate, giving me peace of mind knowing I can quickly halt the machine if something goes wrong.

One aspect that has really stood out to me is the machine's versatility. Whether I'm working on a complex prototype, custom metal part, or educational project, the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 handles it all with ease. The large table size and generous travel distances allow for a wide range of setups and workpiece sizes, which has been incredibly useful for my diverse range of projects.

I recall a particular project where I had to create a custom part for a vintage car restoration. The part required precise dimensions and a smooth finish, and the JTM-1050EVS/230 delivered flawlessly. The DRO system ensured that I could make accurate cuts, and the powerfeeds provided a consistent finish that manual feeding simply couldn't match. The client was thrilled with the result, and I was impressed by how seamlessly the machine handled the task.

In another instance, I used the mill for an educational project at a local technical school. Demonstrating the machine's capabilities to students was a rewarding experience. They were fascinated by the ease of use and the precision it offered. The students quickly grasped the controls and were able to produce high-quality parts within a short time. This experience highlighted the JTM-1050EVS/230's potential as an educational tool, providing hands-on learning with industry-standard equipment.

The machine's durability has also been a major advantage. Despite being used extensively, it has shown no signs of wear and tear. Regular maintenance is straightforward, thanks to the high-quality components and robust design. The reliability of the DRO system, in particular, has minimized downtime, allowing me to focus on my work without worrying about frequent repairs or adjustments.

Product Review Conclusion

The JET JTM-1050EVS/230 Mill with 3-Axis Newall DP700 DRO (Knee) with X & Z-Axis Powerfeeds is a milling machine that truly delivers on its promises. Its precision, versatility, and ease of use make it a valuable tool for any workshop. From my personal experience, I can confidently say that this machine has significantly improved my productivity and the quality of my work. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 is a worthy investment that will serve you well for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers for the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 Mill with 3-Axis Newall DP700 DRO (Knee) with X & Z-Axis Powerfeeds

Q1: What is the maximum table load capacity of the JET JTM-1050EVS/230? A1: The maximum table load capacity of the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 is approximately 660 pounds (300 kg), allowing it to handle heavy workpieces with ease.

Q2: How does the Newall DP700 DRO system improve accuracy? A2: The Newall DP700 DRO system provides precise and real-time measurement feedback, reducing errors and ensuring high accuracy in machining operations. Its high-resolution display and resistance to workshop contaminants further enhance its reliability.

Q3: Can the spindle speed be adjusted during operation? A3: Yes, the spindle speed on the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 can be adjusted during operation thanks to the Electronic Variable Speed (EVS) system, allowing for quick adaptation to different materials and cutting conditions.

Q4: What materials can the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 mill handle? A4: The JET JTM-1050EVS/230 is versatile and can handle a variety of materials including hard metals, soft alloys, plastics, and composites, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Q5: How do the powerfeeds on the X and Z axes enhance productivity? A5: The powerfeeds on the X and Z axes automate table movements, providing consistent feed rates and reducing operator fatigue. This automation leads to higher quality finishes and increased productivity by minimizing manual effort and errors.

Q6: What are the safety features included with this milling machine? A6: The JET JTM-1050EVS/230 includes critical safety features such as an emergency stop button and a spindle brake, allowing operators to quickly halt operations in case of emergencies.

Q7: Is this machine suitable for educational settings? A7: Yes, the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 is suitable for educational settings. Its advanced yet user-friendly features make it an excellent tool for training students in technical schools and universities, providing hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment.

Q8: How often does the machine require maintenance? A8: The JET JTM-1050EVS/230 requires minimal maintenance due to its robust construction and high-quality components. Regular checks and proper usage will ensure its longevity and reliable performance.

Q9: What is the size of the working table, and what are the travel distances? A9: The working table size is 10" x 50", with travel distances of 35" (X), 15" (Y), and 16.5" (Z), providing a large working area for various milling tasks.

Q10: Can this machine be used for custom metalwork? A10: Absolutely, the JET JTM-1050EVS/230 is ideal for custom metalwork. Its precision and versatility allow for the creation of bespoke parts and intricate designs, catering to the needs of artisans and custom metalworkers.